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What if I do not pick my phone? Getting in touch with me for the first time may not always be easy. I have an active lifestyle. Between university, gym and my hobbies I’m not always able to answer the phone straight away. If you cannot get hold of me feel free to send me a message. It’s best to include a mobile number or email address. I’ll contact you as soon as I’m available. 

Can you send me pictures?
I offer a discreet service, I prefer it. Please spare yourself from asking me to send you a picture. Do have in mind I put an effort and time in creating a gallery for you.

How do we deal with financial matters?
Remuneration and gratuities are to be exchanged at the commencement of our date. Not only is it standard practice, it is a prerequisite for the continuance of the experience. If we are meeting in a public environment, please be discreet and greet me with a gift bag containing the predetermined payment in an envelope. If we are to meet in a private location, please place your gift in an envelope and leave it in a convenient location such as a vanity etc.  Irrespective of the intensity of our chemistry, our alotted time together may not be exceeded without agreed upon remuneration. I appreciate your understanding and generosity in compensating me for my time and companionship. 
I love being your holiday luxury companion. I can also fly to your city/country for a romantic date or any event which requires a high class companion. I love to travel worldwide. Contact me as soon as possible to plan the trip. All international travel plans require a 30% deposit. If you have to cancel our appointment I will keep your fees so we have time to reschedule without losing each other’s trust. Please note: Travel expenses are not included and will be added to my fee. 

Describe your ideal date
I don’t like to rush things and find 3 hours is usually a reasonable amount of time to get to know you. I’d love to visit a favourite restaurant and get to know you over an exquisite meal. My ideal date varies depending on the company.

What will you be wearing on our date?
I am flexible with my presentation and encourage your input … I prefer not to dress provocatively. While I’m your public companion I prefer low key yet elegant dress.

What are some common date ideas ?
There are a variety of activities and venues gentlemen invite me to. I’m equally comfortable at the cinema, at family gatherings, corporate events, dinner dates as well as sharing a glass of wine on a yacht. I am available to accompany you to resorts, as a companion on international vacations and with sufficient notice I’m happy to travel anywhere at my discretion with suitable compensation.

Are your photos real?
Yes. My photos are real and recent. I have a collection of my private pictures. Contact me for an access.

Are your rates negotiable?
No. My rates are commensurate with my appearance, abilities and skills.

Can you give me a discount?
If price is your primary concern, it’s likely I’m not the girl for you.

How much notice do you need?
Please try to give me as much notice as possible. If you want to grab a bite to eat usually 48 hours will suffice, for an extended rendezvous it can take longer to find a mutually convenient time. International travel and companionship enquiries are best organized further in advance. I like to take time to prepare for our meeting. I do not schedule multiple meetings on the same day.

What kind of men are you attracted to?
I am attracted to charming, respectful and well-groomed gentlemen who enjoy the finer things in life and take trouble to make a woman happy. Neither age nor appearance are my primary concerns.

Can you provide me with a list of your services?
I am very passionate and open to most things once I get to know you. I provide a “Girlfriend Experience” and Gentlemen wouldn’t normally ask such things after all 😉

What is a luxury companion and how is she different from a typical escort?
The luxury companion is the closest you will ever get to a genuine girlfriend. Unlike a working escort she chooses her clients meticulously, seeing only a very small number of regular or repeat clientele. An exclusive companion is not motivated by financial incentives alone. The main concerns of a courtesan are safety, discretion and companionship. For her this is not her job but rather her lifestyle. Courtesans are generally highly educated and cultured and can blend into any social or business situation as well as being the perfect girlfriend

How do you choose which men you will see and which you will not?
I do not have any specific guidelines or a checklist. When a potential gentleman introduces himself to me, first and foremost, I look for honesty and minimal anonymity. If he trusts me with his information then I have no problem trusting him with mine. I’m looking for men that are not just after physical gratification but have a need for passion, conversation and a true and genuine companionship experience. On the contrary, if I receive an email from a web-based email client with no contact number and no information about the sender, I have no choice but to discard the request. You would be surprised (or not) at how many times I have to empty my inbox with these superficial notes.

What do you like best about an international luxury companion?
Everything!! The opportunity to be independent, I enjoy to getting to know new people and creating close friendships. I also like to discuss and listen to different opinions & ideas. It pleases me to know that my company and my time can make other people happy and make them center of my attention. I love to travel and to be exposed to other cultures. I truly am very fortunate for these opportunities. 

What is a turn-off for you?
Rude language, selfish behaviour, poor hygiene and lack of a social connection between us.

International luxury companion

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Blonde Independent Elite Escort & International Luxury Companion
Łódź and Warsaw, Poland

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