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InAzia – an asian taste in the middle of Warsaw. Discover the Polish capitol with high class escort guide.

I have an update for those who met me long time ago. Living permanently in Warsaw now and hoping not to be moving elsewhere in next few months πŸ™‚ So follow my blog for more reviews of restaurants or hotels and other local pearls I find in future.

Regarding wine and dine updates, hotel Sheraton finally finished it’s refurbishment. The ground floor received lots of lively lights, modern accents and mirrors to enlighten the lobby. It is so much more cheerful now – great job! Not only the commom area is changed, the dining experience is new as well. I went to an “inAzia” restaurant to explore food and cocktails. Surprisingly they specialize in… you must have guessed it – Asian food! We had an amazing fun and for that I would love to thank a person who invited me – thank you, darling and hope to see you soon! πŸ˜‰

The vibe. Modern, simple and clean. A lot of wooden elements and warm lights add a welcoming, cozy atmosphere to make you feel like home. The staff is friendly, smiley and despite the venue being a part of 5-star hotel, you can totally make jokes! I was supposed to wait for my cocktail about 15 minutes but they actually managed to get it very quickly. Big plus for me, a cocktail fan!

The food. I will start from the dessert as taste-wise it was my number one. A cheescake with pistachio ice cream. Little heaven in my mouth. My experience with this dessert started few years back in Madrid. I tried THE BEST cheescake ever in one of local restaurants there. Since then I hunt for an equivalent and I finally found it inAzia. Just like a cheesy marshmellow melting in your mouth. Try it! The other choice was coconut mousse. Full of refreshing taste, very delighful.

The desserts reversely followed by a main course. Our choice was a crispy duck and a whole dorade fish. Very nice, I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the duck, I must say it is nothing like a crispy duck from London’s Soho chinese places. I also like it but it is more of an comfort food than anything else. InAzia it just tastes much much better and a quality is easily visible there. Last meal was a started. A double portion of dim sum to spice up your appetite. I could just have a whole plate od those tiny, delicious asian dumplings. Really enjoyed it!

A solid recommendation from me for inAzia, if you are looking for a quite, relaxed evening with your partner. Business partner, love partner, high class escort partner or just friends πŸ˜‰ Really, it is a great place for those who appreciate sophisticated cuisine but don’t want to be stuck in the middle of Truman “look at me, I am so serious” show. Just come around, enjoy a great food and smile a lot.


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