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Vip companion to show you around Warsaw. Butchery & Wine for steak dinner

Butchery & Wine
Żurawia 22

I am a huge steak fan and I am not easy to please with the meat as I am very particular about the taste, texture of a sauce etc. Being a vip companion means knowing right places. Butchery & Wine is so far my favorite steakhouse in Warsaw. I visited the restaurant few times already and I have been a very happy client every time 🙂

My name is Lillian – an international vip companion who lives in Warsaw. I enjoy meetings in a city as much as time spent in a privacy of a hotel. Warsaw is an amazing place and if you wish to discover luxuries of a city together, let me know!

Last night I visited Butchery and Wine again. You have to know that they have one restaurant placed in two buildings next to each other. One is in Żurawia 20 and the second, better for evenings in my opinion, in Żurawia 22. The restaurant has a New York vibe and it goes very well with their international dishes.

Their focus is on delicious simplicity and high quality. I decided to start with tuna tartar and continue with a main – Ribeye from Poland (you can choose an origin of a meat: Polish/Canadian). My friend also decided to have a steak but as a starter had ratatouille. Food was excellent. Tuna was refreshing, a light Asian seasoning and fresh cucumber goes perfectly with a fish. To increase my appetite I asked for a cocktail based on rosemary (unfortunately I don’t remember a name but there was one of a kind in menu) and we also ordered Syrah wine to accompany us during this delicious meal.

A main course was delicious. Meat in Butchery and Wine are very much to my liking. I always order a peppercorn sauce with my steak (medium for me, please!) and I can honestly say this restaurant always serves a perfect one. It has a silky texture and I can taste that pepper! I don’t like when it is too liquidish… Waiter! One more rosemary cocktail, please! That’s right. The mix of taste and smell made me feel like I am in New York for a while. I managed to save some space for a dessert. Oh, those extra calories were worth it! Crème brulee is served with raspberry coulis and I really enjoyed that combination. You should try that one, too.

I am definitely coming back to Butchery & Wine and I will recommend it to everyone who is looking for a good steak dinner. You can find more reviews and information about Butchery & Wine here: .

Not only food is great but a service as well. Waiters are laid back but keeping manners. There are some foods in menu that I would like to try next time, for example roast bone marrow, crab linguini or aged beef fillet. The price to quality is very good also because it is not very expensive but expensive enough to make sure it is all fresh and prepared with heart. Just perfect for you and you vip companion.

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